Requiring a business lawyer to create or grow your business can seem like another way to spend your hard-earned money, especially if you’re an avid DIY-er. While a few business decisions can be made on your own, retaining a business lawyer who has experience in helping startups and small businesses succeed will be invaluable. Keep your business safe from accidental mistakes or oversights by finding a reputable business lawyer who you can trust. Starting your business or searching for advice for a certain professional move can be stressful, but with a reputable business lawyer by your side, you’ll be able to grow and advance your business with honesty and confidence. If you’re searching for a business lawyer in Springfield, call The Law Offices of Brian Loomis now. With excellent service and lower prices than large law firms, you’ll receive exceptional advice and help from Brian. Contact him today for an appointment!

Forming a Corporation

Creating a business with shareholders and a board is an intensive and involved process and definitely needs a lawyer’s advice and legal prowess. Managing complex tax and legal requirements can get hairy quickly, and if you make a mistake that goes unnoticed for months, you can be facing a visit from the IRS and huge issues caused by that one oversight. Hiring employees and ensuring that you’re choosing the right people can also be something that a business attorney can assist you in. Many business owners believe that they can simply read a few books and internet posts and know as much as a trained and experienced business lawyer within a week, but trying to cut corners and save a few bucks by taking a DIY approach to creating a corporation will never pay off. Staying up to date on changing business practices and rules is time-consuming enough, and if you’re trying to quickly teach yourself so you can save money, you might miss a crucial change and create a domino effect of mistakes. Finding a trusted business lawyer who has your back and also knows the ins and outs of business and corporate law will truly be invaluable and make your new corporation run smoother and without any major issues.

Filing a Patent

An incredible idea that you’ve had may end up being a real moneymaker for you and your family, but patenting the concept is a job that requires the expertise of a reputable business lawyer. Patents are extremely expensive, time consuming, and involved. This is why you often see “patent pending” on new products, experiences, and merchandise. Filing a patent can take years, especially if you’re funding it yourself and you can only afford to pay a small amount as you go along. If you’re afraid that your idea or concept will be stolen by a competitor, then file a patent to ensure that you will only have the rights to the design and thought. If the product you’re hoping to create is nothing new under the sun but it does offer an innovative perspective, you might not have to patent it and avoid the time and expense altogether. Hiring a business lawyer who can shed some light on your idea and offer his or her seasoned advice will surely steer you in the right direction, and you’ll be able to make the next step correctly informed with the right information you need. You can save frustration, time, and major bucks when you ask a business attorney with patent filing experience. Before you pull out your credit card, call a trusted business lawyer for advice.


The unfortunate and ugly side of business, lawsuits, government investigations, and other legal trouble certainly requires a business lawyer’s assistance and consultation. Don’t try to handle these stressful situations without having a business lawyer to represent you and/or your business. Dealing with other lawyers who are only out for your blood or an exorbitant payout can be terrifying, and thinking that you’ll be able to represent yourself or your business is foolish. A business lawyer has been trained to fend off angry attorneys and understand how their minds and methods work. Save yourself stress and frustration by finding a business lawyer who you can trust with all of your business files and practices as soon as you feel that you may need someone to defend you in court. The longer that you wait to call someone for help, the less that he or she will be able to do for you, and once you admit to something, whether it was accidental or not, the case may be over.

Some business practices may not require a business attorney, but it’s always best to consult someone who has a background and understanding of the corporate world will always ensure that you’re making the right decisions and conclusions as your business grows and changes. Whatever legal business assistance and advice you may need, Brian Loomis is your man. Located in the Springfield, Missouri area, Brian has years of experience and expertise to offer to business owners. Contact his office to begin your partnership now!