No one likes to dwell on the “what ifs” of life, but unfortunately, life is unpredictable and can often throw curve balls your way. It’s important to know your medical wishes and desires should an accident occur to be prepared and take pressure off of your family. In this post, we’ll discuss some top reasons why you need a healthcare power of attorney if you don’t have one already. If you get to the end of this blog and realize that you don’t have a healthcare power of attorney, contact Brian Loomis. With years of experience and a professional manner, Brian will be able to help you formulate and write your medical wishes and needs in a legal document that is acceptable in a court of law. Don’t hesitate to give him a call today!

It Will Provide Your With Peace of Mind and Allow You to Make Your Own Decisions

If you have certain specifications about your medical care, you can lay these out in your healthcare power of attorney. Signing a power of attorney will allow you to be taken care of as if you were able to say what you want and don’t want, should you become incapacitated. The person who you’ve granted rights to to carry out your decisions will do so, and be able to defend your decisions if someone challenges them. This is especially essential if you’re religious or hold certain medical beliefs. The most common choose that is made in a healthcare power of attorney is whether or not a person would prefer to be put on life support if it’s needed. Some people may choose to be on life support for the rest of their lives, while others would like to simply die naturally. By making this decision and then choosing someone close to you to carry it out, you can be sure that your final wishes will be respected.

It Will Help Your Family Discuss Wishes and Desires

No one wants to talk about death or the moments leading up to it, but it’s an important discussion that often goes unsaid until it’s too late. While it may be emotional and incite a few tears, talking about last wishes with your family members will help everyone to get on the same page. You can also choose who will be the agent of your power of attorney so he or she can understand your expectations and desires. If you would like a lawyer present, you can save these discussions for when you’re meeting with your legal counsel, but it’s important to mention the topic to your family members beforehand so they won’t be blindsided when sitting in your lawyer’s office.

It Will Prevent Questions About Your Intent

One of the biggest arguments a family can get into is what their loved one would have wanted at the end of his or her life. Not only is this topic polarizing, but due to the higher emotions that a family is experiencing when a member is ill or hurt, words may be spoken out of turn and cause painful memories for everyone. A well-drafted power of attorney will help your family to know and understand your wishes in no uncertain terms, and will eliminate the need for angry and heated discussions. Also, since it’s in writing, it will be extremely difficult to dispute or go against, even for a court of law. Everyone will appreciate your forethought and planning if you are unable to speak for yourself.

It Will Protect You From Greedy or Selfish Family Members

Some families aren’t exactly on good terms, and some unfortunate individuals will jump at a chance to not respect your wishes in preparation to seize your finances or property. By signing a healthcare power of attorney and choosing an agent to enforce it, family members who are out for their own good won’t be allowed to make medical decisions for you that will only benefit themselves. If you’ve chosen to stay on life support or to have a surgery, the individuals who are simply waiting for your passing will have to continue waiting. While we all wish we could trust our family with our lives, it’s an unfortunate reality that some of our relatives would rather refuse medical care to advance their agendas. A healthcare power of attorney will ensure that you will be well taken care of if needed.

A healthcare power of attorney will give your family peace of mind and help you to relax as well. It’s essential to have this document handy in case an accident does occur so that you can be sure your wishes are carried out. Call Brian Loomis now for advice and to set up an appointment. He’ll help you with kindness and understanding so you can be sure that your medical needs and wishes will be respected and protected. Call now!