Real estate law is a largely encompassing section of legal law that is made up of both federal and state statutes and laws and usually overlaps with contract law. There are many interchangeable terms that involve real estate law, such as realty, real property, and real estate, but many people conceptualize real estate to actually mean a home, business, or other form of building that can be purchased. If you’re interested in purchasing a building or piece of property for your business, it’s important to discuss this with a trusted lawyer who is well-versed in real estate to ensure that your purchase will benefit your business. Searching for a trusted real estate attorney to assist you on a sale? Contact The Law Office of Brian Loomis today for excellent advice and legal counsel. With years of experience and incredible service, you can be sure that your experience with Brian will be nothing but professional and helpful. Call now for an appointment!


If you’re looking to lease a building, it’s important to have a real estate lawyer look over the lease agreement to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal and aren’t liable for any damages or issues that you may encounter that are out of your control. While leases are the least involved aspect of real estate law, they can have clauses and loopholes that could come back to bite you if you’re not careful. Before signing on the bottom line, make sure that you have a trusted real estate lawyer look over the contract.

Purchase and Sale

Purchasing a piece of property or new building for your business is exciting but an involved process that definitely requires a seasoned real estate lawyer by your side. Before signing any forms or agreements, make sure you take the time to review the contracts several times and allow your real estate lawyer to negotiate any changes on your behalf. This can mean that the process may take longer and you might have to wait a few more weeks to continue moving forward with your plans, but signing a contract that doesn’t protect you or your business can break your company. Don’t make the mistake of trying to secure a deal too quickly. Take the time to have a real estate lawyer review every piece of paper you’re asked to sign.

Lease to Buy

If you’re not able to purchase a business, you could possibly negotiate a deal with the sellers to allow you to rent the building until you become the owner. If this becomes the case, don’t lock the now-renters into the deal until you can have a trusted real estate lawyer assist in writing a contract that reflects such stipulations. He or she will understand the legalities and requirements that go into writing such documents, and if there are issues with the renters, he or she can help you negotiate different terms so that everyone is happy and satisfied in the end.

Real Estate Disputes

Suddenly involved in a real estate dispute? This is probably the time when you most need a real estate lawyer to assist your business. Don’t fight property disputes, fights over water, or road problems without someone who has years of experience in real estate law. You’ll find yourself quickly in over your head and you might lose your business property or building. Real estate issues can quickly become heated, especially if you’re in city limits with close quarters. If you feel that you could be running into an issue with neighbors, the city, or another business, consult a real estate attorney ASAP so you won’t find yourself playing catch up to a serious problem.

If you’re searching for a trusted real estate lawyer and you’re preparing to make an important purchase or need help negotiating real estate terms in the Springfield, Missouri area, contact The Law Office of Brian Loomis now. With a helpful attitude and experience in many different forms of law, partnering with Brian will help you to make the right real estate decision. Call him today for an appointment!